Our company was founded in 1920 by M.Nuri Yazicioglu, who is the 13th member of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, as "Wholesaler and Retail Grocery" located in İstanbul Street which was the commercial center of Konya at that time.


Mehmet Necati Yazıcıoğlu, Ahmet Hamdi Yazıcıoğlu and Mustafa Rüştü Yazıcıoğlu brothers became partners as a second generation of our company.


This partnership had been continued until 1969. After 1969, the partnership of Mustafa Rüstü Yazıcıoğlu ended up. And the partnership of the lates Mehmet Necati Yazıcıoğlu and Ahmet Hamdi Yazıcıoğlu had been continued from 1964 to 1973.


The late Mehmet Necati Yazıcıoğlu continued his job as a Wholesaler and Retail Grocery in “Konya Wholesalers Center” which is a place the late Mehmet Nuri Yazıcıoğlu made an effort to construct and to put into operation at that time.


The 3rd generation members of Yazıcıoğlu Family who are Ahmet Yaşar Yazıcıoğlu and Hasan Hüseyin Yazıcıoğlu became a partners of the our company “Yazıcıoğlu Wholesale Food Trade” in 1978.


By getting incorporated company statute, our companies name changed as “Konsa Inc.”


Our company carried out its activities in 4700 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open area in a place at Konya-Adana highway.


From 1997, our company started the work as a distributor of the manufacturer companies.


The 4th generation of the family members Fatih Yazıcıoğlu, Serdar Yazıcıoğlu and Hakan Yazıcıoğlu became a partners of our company in 2008.


The decision of the institutionalization of Family and Family Company had been made and institutionalization process has been started.


The Konsa Family Constitution for the family institutionalization was completed and the operations for institutionalization of the Family Company was initiated. For the professionalization process, the owners of the company (Board of Directors and Executive Board) have started to receive Professional Training of Ownership Academy.

Technical infrastructure and human infrastructure (Human Valuation) investments related to the institutionalization process were started (Software and Hardware, New Professional Personnel Employment, Human Resources System). For the purpose of to realize our vision of production and marketing investment in the packaging sector, production investment decision was taken and physical processes were started about the production and marketing of plastic packaging.


The Board of Directors consists of Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Yaşar Yazıcıoğlu, Board Member Hasan Hüseyin Yazıcıoğlu and Independent Board Member Mehmet Ergin. The production of Plastic Packaging started in a 1500 m2 facility in Konya İMSAN (Manufacturers Industry) Site.

In the Plastic Injection Packaging Sector, the production of plastic packaging products from 280 ml up to 18000 ml with IML label has been started. Marketing and sales of our products has been launched throughout Turkey and abroad.


Currently, Konsa Inc. maintains their marketing and distribution activities with the Food & Cosmetics and Cleaning Products business unit. Konsa Food & Cosmetics Inc. is still the distributor of the products of Hayat Kimya, Yudum Gıda, Türk Henkel Kozmetik, Hunca Kozmetik, Levent Kimya and Beta Çay. In the long view, Konsa Food & Cosmetics Inc., that plans to include new and strong business partnerships, carries out their activities in 4700 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open area. Carries on their whole sale in Konya, Karaman, Aksaray provinces and districts with their cold sales team.

Today, Konsa Plastic & Packaging business unit proceeds their production with a 6500 m2 facility in Konya 3rd Organized Industry which started in IMSAN (Manufacturers Industry) Site in a 1500 m2 facility. Konsa Plastic & Packaging Inc. produces plastic packaging of regional and national manufacturers and international manufacturers.

In the coming period, Konsa Plastic & Packaging Inc. will continue their studies of P&D and R&D with new machinery investments and new product varieties in line with customer expectations. Aims to maximize the quality of its products and services remarked with "Konsa Quality" to realize production, marketing and sales in different categories in domestic and international markets.


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